At NM Security Works, we take a holistic approach to resolve the issues you are experiencing. We believe that in looking at the bigger picture we can provide the best overall solution with an effective end-result marked with satisfaction.

Description of Services | Risk Assessment, Emergency Management, Training, Security, Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, Standard Operating Procedures, Policies & Procedures, and Professional Analysis

About NM Security Works

NM Security Works (NMSW) is a professional security systems installer and consulting company. We provide quality installation of electronic devices and objective security consulting. Integrity and confidentiality is paramount in all aspects of our services. From building or rebuilding your security systems, or security program to conducting vulnerability assessments and/or, training customized to fit your specific needs.

Our purpose is to assist customers in optimizing their current state of security by understanding their issues and offering an effective and quality solution. Our results are customized to your facility because we make it our priority to understand and respond to your unique needs.

NMSW conducts comprehensive physical security assessments (surveys), policy and procedure evaluations, and operational reviews with recommendations to correct any deficiencies found. Our focus is on assessing your security vulnerabilities and security risks to see how they can be managed, reduced or eliminated. For the healthcare arena, NMSW also assists with meeting Joint Commission Environment of Care, OSHA, and IAHSS Standard requirements (for example “Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)”).

We bring experience, knowledge and passion to your problems. We evaluate your current state of security with your future needs in mind. We’re a unique group, certified in security with a past as an end-user so we understand your concerns. Our plan is to rise above the typical security system installer or integrator and truly provide the solution you need where you need it.


  • Security Systems Design and Installation

    We provide system design, installation and servicing for small to large businesses. We understand the investment you are making and the trust you've given us.

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  • Home and Business Alarm Monitoring

    NM Security Works is committed to helping you protect those you love and the life you've built, by offering intrusion alarm monitoring service. We see it as a proactive layer of protection that helps in making your home or business unattractive to would be burglars or intruders.

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  • Security Management Planning and Training

    At NM Security Works, we help you develop a solid security program. To start, we conduct an evaluation of your current security management plan to understand your current state of security and issues.

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  • Emergency Management

    We evaluate your current emergency response plans and develop site-specific action plans and procedures that help facilitate emergency measures within your facility.

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  • Mailing List

    “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.“ — Arnold H. Glasgow