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To us, security is a constant state of being. It's being aware of your surroundings and the people in those surroundings. It's about being prepared. Being alert doesn't mean being paranoid, rather we believe it is an opportunity to be proactive. Proactive in the sense of protecting those you love and that which you've worked so hard for.

NM Security Works offers both home and business alarm monitoring. We also offer a choice of either a wireless alarm system or the more traditional hard-wired alarm system that requires an alarm technician to install. We believe you should have a choice in how you want to protect your home or business. Don’t worry, using current technology we’ll help you achieve the security you want and need!

The monthly monitoring fee varies as it is dependent on what alarm components you choose. For example, most basic alarm systems include a control panel, an infrared motion detector, 3 or 4 door/window sensors and a 4 button wireless remote. However, the number of door/window sensors you will need depends on your home or business (typically 7 - 10 sensors depending on home or business size). You can also customize by adding more wireless remotes (makes it so much easier to get in the door), interactive cameras,smoke detectors and yes, home automation. With home automation you can choose to turn the lights on, thermostat down or up, it just depends on what you choose.

Wired or Wireless? That all depends on you. With hard-wired alarm systems some degree of drilling may be required. With wireless, the control panel communicates with relevant components (no wires/no drilling) and we use sticky Velcro tape (although it can be screwed in to make it more permanent). We can explain the options and find the best solution for you. Our monitoring agreement term choices are 36 or 60 months. Let us build your security by discussing what you truly need first.

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